Spanish hack while traveling

In Feb 2017, I travelled to Mexico and Colombia which are only Spanish speaking countries with very few English speakers, especially outside the tourist areas. I don’t speak Spanish and had no prior experience with the language. I learnt few words and phrases on the go to help me communicate basic stuff. The guide below can act as a quick Spanish hack for situations where you cannot use Google translate.

Useful words and phrases
Yes – Sí
No – No
Please – Por favor
Little – poco
Friend – Amigo
Weather – Mehor
Unfortunate – Pordes gracia
Good – Bueno
Pork – Cerdo
Chicken – Pollo
Beef – la carne de Vaca
Beautiful – Bonito
Cold – Frio
Hot – Caliante
Spicy hot – Picante
Outside – Exterior/externo
Cigarette – Cigarillo
Nothing – Nada
Never – Nunca
Something – Algo
ATM – Cajero
Dustbin – Basura
Cheese – Queso
Onion – Cebolla
Bacon – Tocino
Food – Comido
Eaten – Comida
Drinks – Bebidas
Glass – Vaso
Next – Proximo
Wait – Esperar
Home – Casa
Thank you – Gracias
Thank you very much – Muchas gracias
You’re welcome – De nada.
Nice to meet you – Mucho gusto
Good morning/day – Buenos dias
Good night – Buenos noches
Excuse me (to get attention like calling a waiter) – Disculpe
Excuse me (to ask for way while walking) – Con permiso
Excuse me? – Mande / Perdone?
Pardon me. – Perdone.
I’m sorry – Lo siento.
I don’t understand. – No entiendo.
I don’t speak Spanish. – No hablo español.
I speak little Spanish – Jo hablo un poco español
Do you speak English? – Habla inglés?
Repeat, please – Repita, por favor.
What’s your name? – Cómo se llama? / Cual es tu nombre?
How are you? – Cómo está?
Where is the subway? – Dónde está el metro?
Is the tip included? – Incluye la propina?
How much does that cost? – Cuánto cuesta?
Is there a public phone here? – Hay algún teléfono público aquí?
Can I get on the internet? – Puedo conectarme con el internet?
Can you help me? – Me podría ayudar?
Where is the bathroom? – Dónde está el baño?
Are you sure? – Seguro
More rice – Mas arroz
Ofcourse – por supuesto / but commonly ppl use claro
Lets go – Vamos
The store – La tienda
See you tomorrow – Asta(until) mañana(tomorrow)
Do you want something – Querer es algo?
Will it be cold at night – Sera frio por la noche
It is very cold – hace mucho frio
Bill please – La cuenta, por favor
Without ice – Sin hielo
I go – Voy
You go – Vas
I eat – Yo comer
I ate – comi
You eat – Tu comer
You ate – Tu comiste

This is – Esta es
This is a good day – Este es un buen dia
This is my book/car – Esta es mi libro/coche

I am – Estoy
I am very happy – Estoy muy contento
I am trying to learn Spanish – Estoy intentando aprender español

I can – Puedo
I can eat meat – Puedo comer carne
I can drink more beer – Puedo beber mas cerveza
Can I have water please? – Puedo tener agua por favor?

I was – Yo estaba
I was very angry last night – Yo estaba muy irritado anoche
I was very drunk that day – Yo estaba muy borracho ese día

Where – Donde
Where are you from? – De donde eres?
Where is the bathroom? – Dónde está el baño?

What – Que?
What is this? – Que es esto?

Who – Quien?
Who is the boy? – Quien es el chico?

When – Cuando
When does the bus leave? – Cuándo sale el autobus?

Learn 0 to 15 and then the 10s
0 – cero
1 – uno
2 – dos
3 – tres
4 – quatro
5 – cinco
6 – sies
7 – siete
8 – ocho
9 – nueve
10 – diez
11 – once
12 – doce
13 – trece
14 – catorce
15 – quince

20 veinte
30 treinta
40 cuarenta
50 cincuenta
60 sesenta
70 setenta
80 ochenta
90 noventa
100 cien

Other numbers are made by combining the (10th and the N – 10th), e.g.
17 – diez y siete
22 – veinte y dos
35 – trenta y cinco

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