Building a Simple Quiz App using AngularJS

Tweet AngularJS has been out there for quite a while now and is getting increasingly popular. It is a very powerful Javascript MVC framework for building well-structured and maintainable web applications. This tutorial is not an introduction to AngularJS but to demonstrate how quickly one can build a simple well-structured web application. This is targeted […]

Slot machine in Javascript

Tweet Recently somebody talked to me about creating a slot machine. I looked on the web and could not find any good slot machine implementation in javascript. So I decided to write a quick one. My implementation uses jquery and a couple of jquery plugins for animation. Spritely is a wonderful jquery plugin for background […]

Trie implementation in Javascript

Tweet A trie, or prefix tree, is a multi-way tree structure useful for storing strings over an alphabet. It is very efficient and handy and can be used for various purposes like auto-complete, spell-check, dictionary search, etc. The basic idea of a Trie goes as below: We have a root node which represents an empty […]

Snake in Javascript

Tweet This weekend I spent a few hours to write the classic game of Snake in javascript. There are already many versions of Snake available on the web. This was just some fun way to practice javascript. I used YUI 2 for event and dom handling. I have already written a few games in other […]

Caching in Javascript (YUI Cache)

Tweet Today I read about YUI 3 Caching Utility. It allows to cache frequently used data in javascript memory (Basic caching) or HTML5 localStorage object (Offline caching). Although we can implement our own caching mechanism in javascript, the YUI caching is general purpose and also provides a set of events. Moreover it can be easily […]

YQL – Yahoo! Query Language

Tweet Recently I have been reading about YQL. YQL is a great idea that came out of Yahoo! and is an awesome tool for developers. Basically YQL allows you to fetch information from the web using SQL like syntax. Yahoo! provides a good number of open data tables and many more are contributed by the […]

YUI Lightbox

Tweet While working on my last project (Floating Cart for Yahoo! stores) at Yahoo!, I came across an application called Lightbox. The reason it drew my attention was incompatibility with our application. Our customers who had lightbox were facing issues using the Floating Cart. The problem was not with the lightbox application, but the javascript […]