simplypoll – An open source online polling app built with Meteor

Last week I was trying my hands at Meteor, a full-stack javascript based framework for building web apps. It’s built on top of nodejs. Unlike the traditional way of building web apps, the client and the server are truly integrated here and share most of the code as well. I was greatly impressed by the power Meteor can bring to real-time app development. Although Meteor is not the only framework going this route, it’s the most popular and matured at the moment.

The best part about Meteor is that it is quite simple to begin with. Ofcourse you need some amount of expertise in javascript, but the concepts are easy to understand and it definitely helps if you are already a full-stack developer. After spending a few hours of digging through Meteor, it took me another few hours to come up with simplypoll. I spent some more time later to polish it. The app is open source and you can have a look at the code here.

Overall Meteor looks very interesting and I am definitely going to spend more time on it. If you wish to learn Meteor, I’d recommend Discover Meteor.

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